Using Energy Infrastructure to Ship Data - Not Just Fossil Fuels

MissionNet has a vision to leverage existing industrial infrastructure to ship data - not just fossil fuels. Its mission is to make large scale emissions, environmental and maintenance monitoring economically feasible for not only the Energy Industry, but also the communities the Energy Industry operates within, by providing a cost effective and reliable remote wireless data network option as well as the opportunity to leverage cutting edge sensing technology.

MissionNet installs and manages the infrastructure so you can focus on your business and use cases. Users control their own sensors and analytics to optimize cybersecurity while also ensuring users have unconstrained access to their data with no hidden fees.

Start Using MissionNet

Network User

  • Usage Based Pricing
  • Carrier Grade Equipment and Reliability
  • Security First Design
  • Dedicated Cloud Portal
  • Subscriptions as Low as $25/month After Trial
  • Email support

Enterprise User

  • Cost of Service Based Pricing
  • Carrier Grade Equipment and Reliability
  • Security First Design
  • Dedicated Cloud Portal
  • Unlimited Devices
  • 24/7 Phone and Email Support


  • Partner in the Construction of a North American Emissions and Environmental Monitoring Network
  • Infrastructure Host
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Hardware Development
  • Investment

Executive Leadership

Image of James

James Inglis

CEO and Director
Image of Jason

Jason Balasch

Image of Kevin

Kevin Krausert

Board Chair

How it Works



The only large-scale real-time emissions and environmental monitoring system that is actually economically feasible.



Designed by Energy Industry professionals and validated by corporate cybersecurity teams.



Built with fully redundant carrier grade equipment.

MissionNet makes IOT sensor deployment as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Data Pipeline

Telecom-like Shared Infrastructure Model

MissionNet owns and operates the network, selling subscription based access to companies within the coverage area. Using this model, MissionNet is able to provide low cost reliable IOT communications to multiple companies and communities using the same network infrastructure.

Data Pipeline

Users Control Their own Sensors and Analytics

MissionNet is agnostic to sensor and analytics vendors. MissionNet collects the wireless sensor data in the coverage area and delivers it to the user selected destination while maintaining end-to-end encryption.

Data Pipeline







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